Thursday 30 June 2011

Coverage of the Jedsey Journal ‘Man of The Year 2010’ Award to Adeyinka Makinde in the March/April 2011 Edition

Receiving the Jedsey Journal's John D. White 'Man of the Year' Award for 2010 from Jed DiMatteo. The award "acknowledges a significant perpetuation of the loyalties, comradeship and spirit of Jersey City during the previous year."

 PUB TOUR stop at the Grapevine where JJ Man of the Year, Ade Makinde poses with group after doing a book signing of his JERSEY BOY book. Ade also set the record for coming the greatest distance to attend a Badd Ladd Day celebration.


Ade Makinde agreed to fly over from London to receive his Man of the Year Award but he wanted to make the most efficient use of his time here and perhaps get in some PR work for his JERSEY BOY book. He ended up without a minute to spare during his extended weekend visit. Besides his long night of touring pubs with the friends of Badd Ladd; he scheduled book signings (one incorporated into the Pub Tour); he also did several TV and radio interviews, he reached out to Hollywood connections regarding a movie contract; Ade made two trips to New York City and State to visit family and a friend; and he even had time to cover the Jersey City St Patrick's Day parade for the JEDSEY JOURNAL.

Jed introduced Ade to Mike Ransom to set up an interview on Bayonne Community TV

Ade covers St. Patrick’s Day Parade for the Jedsey Journal

Ade Makinde had “met” Jelynne Jardiniano on Facebook and they made a date for him to do a book signing at her LITM Restaurant on Newark Avenue when he came for a visit.  (Picture by Emily August for LITM.)

Later in the evening, the DePaula family is among the crowd that watches a movie of a vintage Frankie fight on LITM’s giant screen.

Text and captions by Jed DiMatteo

See this story and others in the Jedsey Journal March Madness Report - April 2011 -vol. 24-# 2 on line at HTTP://

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