Tuesday 21 April 2015

Boxing Etching by Joseph W. Golinkin

At Chicago – Louis and Braddock” 1938 (LITHOGRAPH: Joseph W. Golinkin)

The moment when Joe Louis downs James J. Braddock, ‘The Cinderella Man’, in the seventh round to win the world’s heavyweight championship at Chicago’s Comiskey Park. The date was June 22nd 1937. Louis, whose moniker was ‘The Brown Bomber’, became the first black world heavyweight champion since Jack Johnson. He would go on to rule the division for a period of almost 12 years and in the process make a record-setting amount of defences.

The artist, Joseph Golinkin was for want of a better term a ‘renaissance man” who excelled in art, sailoring –he rose to the rank of rear admiral in the United States Navy and- and environmental work.

TEXT: Adeyinka Makinde (2015)

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