Thursday 29 November 2018

IICC Shooting Stars 4-1 Tonnerre Kalala, November 28th 1976

Muda Lawal (holding the cup) and Segun Odegbami (second from right) celebrate winning the African Cup Winners Cup on December 12th 1976.

The Nigerian team IICC “Shooting Stars” of Ibadan beat the Cameroonian side Tonnerre Kalala 4-1 in the first leg of the African Cup Winners Cup held on November 28th 1976.

While Tonnerre were the defending champions, the semi-final between “Shooting Stars” and the Egyptian side Zamalek, was arguably the final before the final. Each side won their home leg 2-0, but the Nigerians won 5-3 in a penalty shoot out.

“Shooting Stars” boasted a number of players who were regulars for the national team: the Captain Samuel Ojebode, Segun Odegbami, and Muda Lawal. The goalkeeper Best Ogedengbe would soon displace Emmanuel Okala as the first choice for the national team, then known as the “Green Eagles”. But surpassing them all, at least in later years, would be Cameroon’s future World Cup hero, Roger Milla.

“Shooting Stars’” lead proved unassailable in the second leg which Tonnerre won by a single goal at home in Yaounde.

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