Wednesday 6 March 2024

“Snake From The Tomb”: A 1945 Soviet Propaganda Poster About Ukrainian Nationalism

Soviet propaganda poster titled "Snake from the tomb" (1945) depicting the 'snake' of Ukrainian nationalism emerging from a coffin decorated with a swastika and a Waffen-SS helmet.


Do you recognise this serpent?
The bloody, devouring beast is slithering.
Guarded by a spidery symbol (swastika),
Its name is - Stepan Bandera.

Its name is Judas, Cain.
These are the deeds of its snaky hands:
Fires across our land,
The spilled blood of innocent children.

And the people stood up defiant,
The country gave its verdict:
Crush the serpent and its protectors
And pull out the reptile's sting and teeth.

It was based on a cartoon which was published in Radians'ka Ukraina newspaper in March 1945.

Designed by Semen Gadyatskiy.

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