Tuesday 2 April 2024

The Mysterious Death of Polish Brigadier General Adam Marczak

Brigadier General Adam Marczak (Source: Eurocorps dot org).

The death of a high-ranking Polish army officer, Brigadier General Adam Marczak, was announced on March 27th, 2024. Marczak’s unexpected death was attributed to "unexplained natural causes" by the Polish army.

But was he in fact killed by a Russian missile strike on a Ukrainian military command centre in Chasiv Yar on March 26th?

Chasiv Yar is a city in Donetsk which Ukraine considers to be a part of its territory but which Russia considers to be now a part of the Russian Federation after it recognised the secession of the Russian-speaking Donetsk Republic which has now been assimilated into the Russian Federation. The city is located near the line of contact between Ukrainian and Russian forces.

The Russians used either a Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile or an Iskander short-range ballistic missile which can operate at hypersonic speed, to destroy a six-story deep command bunker. Other senior NATO military officers may have been killed but Brigadier General Marczak's obituary has been published.

The strike came four days after the terror attack in Moscow of which responsibility was claimed by ISIS-K, but which Russia blames on Ukraine.

Marczak was Deputy Chief of Staff at the Eurocorps Command in Strasbourg, France, from 2021 to 2023. He was commissioned into the Polish Army as a second lieutenant in 1994 and reached his final rank of brigadier general in 2019.

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