Wednesday 2 November 2022

The Yoruba Cultural Value System

The Yoruba value system consists of 7 segments.

1. The first is làákà’yè: The application of knowledge, wisdom & understanding.

Ogbón and ìmò òye.

2. The second is Ìwà Omolúàbí: integrity.

Integrity is combined with iwa (character), which is regarded as Omolúàbí.

3. The third is Akínkanjú or Akin: Valour.

4. The fourth is Anísélápá tí kìíse òle: Having a visible means of livelihood.

A person must be identified with a visible means of livelihood that guarantees a lawful income or sustenance. His or her profession or job must be open and legally approved by society.

5. The fifth is Ola: Honour. Yoruba people place a premium on the gait with which individuals carry themselves and public reputation.

Word of honour translates as "ọrọ ti ola" and "koodu ti ola" means code of honour.

6. The sixth is Ogun rere: Leaving a good legacy behind. This can be achieved by striving to be a role model during your life.

7. The last in the Yorùbá value system is owó tàbí orò: Money or wealth.

The accumulation of wealth is not supposed to supercede the first six values.


I adapted this from a post at Asa Yoruba Facebook page.

© Adeyinka Makinde (2022).

Adeyinka Makinde is a London-based writer.

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