Tuesday 22 November 2016

My Father's Naval Career

Captain Emmanuel Makinde, F.S.S., N.N.

My Father joined the Nigerian Navy in 1964 as a Sub-Lieutenant.

He served in the following capacities:

. Flag Lieutenant to the Chief of the Naval Staff
. Deputy-Defence Adviser to the Nigerian High Commission in London
. Director of Supplies and Logistics

He also served on a five-man panel on the issue of Abandoned Properties stemming from Nigeria's Civil War set up in September 1975 by the regime of Brigadier Murtala Muhammad. 

My Father was awarded the Forces Service Star medal for meritorious service and retired from active duty in 1982.

His ranks were:

. Sub-Lieutenant (1964)
. Lieutenant (1966)
. Lieutenant Commander (1969)
. Commander (1974)
. Captain (1978)

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