Tuesday 18 July 2017

Forthcoming Interview on 'The Mind Renewed'

I will be making another appearance on 'The Mind Renewed' next month.

It is hosted by Julian Charles who has in the past interviewed the likes of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,  the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during US President Ronald Reagan's first term in office who is a major voice in the 'alternative media' as a critic of US foreign and economic policy, and Dr. Daniele Ganser, an academic who wrote a book about Nato's secret armies; that is, the anti-Warsaw Pact stay-behind cells which later morphed into something very sinister during the Cold War years.

TMR Schedule Page on Adeyinka Makinde

We shall be joined, for a second time, by the lawyer and university lecturer Adeyinka Makinde. Our previous conversation centred on his academic paper, “Can the British state convict itself?, which led us to discuss Tony Blair, the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland and the “extraordinary renditions” of the so-called War on Terror.

This time we shall discuss issues raised in his recent article, “The Pan-Islamic Option: The West’s Part in the Creation and Sustaining of Islamist Terror”.

Adeyinka Makinde trained for the law as a barrister. He lectures in criminal law and public law at a university in London, and has an academic research interest in intelligence & security matters. He is a contributor to a number of websites for which he has written essays and commentaries on international relations, politics and military history. He has served as a programme consultant and provided expert commentary for BBC World Service Radio, China Radio International and the Voice of Russia.

© Adeyinka Makinde (2017)

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